When you Basically Live in Dark Souls (Part II)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m a big fan of the Souls Series of games by Hidetaka Miyazaki. I especially enjoy how the art and level design accurately captures real Medieval European architecture and it’s degradation, it’s fascinating for me to see that come to life through the eyes and talent of a Japanese design team. Anyway, I was out with my sister heading to (rather appropriately for this post) the darkest place in my county, Woodchurch, in Kent. Which is a 3/4 on the Bortle Scale of Darkness

As we were heading there, in the middle of the countryside down a small road, we saw this tower off the road, and stopped the car to go and check it out. It was some full on abandoned medieval ruins and more exciting for me, they were not the touristic kind.

The Place is St. Mary’s Chapel in Little Chart, Kent, England. Built in 1200AD and then 740 years later destroyed by a V-1 flying bomb, also known as a ‘Doodlebug’ or Buzz Bomb… Check out the photos.

Firelink Shrine anyone? 😉

When you basically live in Dark Souls

I am a huge fan of the Dark Souls series by From Software, (and also their often overlooked version of Tenchu) and the franchise has always resonated with me, as the bleak, earthy scenery and historic content used in the game has obviously been inspired in part by the ancient strangeness of UK and European Folklore. I happen to live in an area of England in which it’s quite easy to collate my surroundings to the game. Most of this area has been inhabited since the iron age and the surrounding forests around my home are littered with strange holes, illusory doors, ruins and oddities. There is even local legend about a lost village. I will update this post with more images as I take them. Let me know what you think. If you know anywhere that would appreciate this post please share, I like looking at the stats 💀